Behind the project „Men of the 2nd Infantry Division 1940-1945“ you can find a young group of authors from Pilsen, Czech Republic. We are historians, collectors, reenactors and also fans of the 2nd Infantry Division and the United States Army.

By the end of the war men of the 2nd Infantry Division with Indian head on their shoulders helped to bring freedom for citizens of Western Bohemia after six long years of Nazi terror. Even today there are still people remembering their bravery, kindness and a smile on their faces as they brought new times of freedom, happiness, joy and new Czech-American friendship.

The idea of creating the online database of members of the 2nd Infantry Division (U.S. Army) came up from heads of members from the Military Historical and Reenactment Association Tommy & Yankee z.s during the 2016. In previous years members of the Association Tommy & Yankee z.s. met with many veterans and their families. Our collection grew bigger with documents, booklets and private items that belonged to soldiers of the 2nd ID and we had to sort all of it. During the studying of all documents and thanks to stories from veterans we were able to find the most extraordinary stories of young men, which became our inspiration. The decision was made! We have to create a database where names and stories of those men will be kept forever as a reminder to the public. One of the big reasons behind our decision was a quite high number of Czech compatriots in this division in both world wars.

We are the last generation that has the honor of listening to the stories of WWII veterans in person. Next generations after us will not have this

 opportunity and their only source of information will be our own knowledge,  memoirs and stories that veterans shared with us. It is upon us how much we will be able to pass on to future generations. Project “Men of the 2nd Infantry Division“ is a work for many years, a great commitment and also the last opportunity to store the legacy of men from the 2nd ID. Legacy that is also a message about war terror and humankind courage that cannot be taken for granted.

The goal of the “Men of the 2nd Infantry Division“ project is not only a database of members. Our biggest wish is connecting veterans, their families, collectors, historians, fans and friends of the 2nd ID into one big community, which would be a living legacy of these men of the 2nd ID. Through this database you have the opportunity to find fellow soldiers of your father, grandfather, uncle and connect with their families to find out more information about their service in the U.S. Army. We believe that our database can give new information to your family, but also new friendships and especially pride in what the generation of your fathers and grandfathers did in the key moment of humankind history.

Project “Men of the 2nd Infantry Division“ was founded thanks to the big support of the 2nd ID veterans and their families. We also cooperate with the Second Indianhead Division Association, which is the official organization for veterans and active members of the 2nd Infantry Division. Many historians and friends of the 2nd ID not only from the Czech Republic but also from the USA, France and Belgium are working on this project as well.

We believe that you will stay with us.

Do you have any questions?

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