Liberation Festival Pilsen 2022

We would like to thank all the visitors of our military camp who came to see our exhibition during the Liberation Festival Pilsen 2022 which was held from Thursday May 5 to Sunday May 8, 2022.

About 60,000 people visited this year’s Liberation Festival, which took place after a two-year break caused by the covid. We were honored to present the stories and activities of the medical personnel of the 2nd Infantry Division to the visitors who showed enormous interest and enthusiasm. Specifically we represented the Medical Detachment of the 38th Infantry Regiment which operated in Pilsen at the end of war in May and June 1945.

As part of the festival, we had the special opportunity to meet with several families of WWII veterans of the 2nd Infantry Division. Some visit the Czech Republic regularly to follow the footsteps of their veterans, other families were here for the first time and it was our pleasure to show them our military camp and to guide them in Pilsen and Prague.

In the photo you can see the members of our project team Men of the 2nd ID together with our friends and colleagues from the Military Historical and Reenactment Association Tommy & Yankee z.s. who were proudly representing the medical personnel of the 2nd ID. More stories and photos will be presented in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned!