Donation from Mrs. Glynda Peterson Schaad

Last week we finally got the package which contained the items from our P.O. Box in California. We are pleased for the packages sent by the families of veterans who share with us or donate personal documents, pictures and items to our project´s archive and database. These items are preserved in our archive and will be used in the future during our public exhibitions here in the Czech Republic, for writing articles or during public lectures at schools and Universities.It was fascinating to open the package from Mrs. Glynda Peterson Schaad who sent to us the documents and photos related to her father T/3 Oscar C. Peterson who was a Combat Medic of the 2nd Medical Battalion, attached to the 38th Infantry Regiment. Mrs. Glynda Schaad also sent to us a group photo of Combat Medics from her father´s unit with all the names, which is a great help in our effort to make an online database of Men of the 2nd ID. Unfortunately, Mr. Oscar Peterson passed away in October 2018, but thanks to these documents and pictures we can preserve his legacy. In the near future, you can look forward to an article about Oscar C. Peterson, where we will tell you more about his war experiences.It is extremely important to share and to commemorate the stories of men and women of the Greatest Generation. Please, feel free to share the stories of your veterans of the 2nd Infantry Division. We are grateful for your messages and questions.